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Photo of Elly Gabdulkadyrova

Elly Gabdulkadyrova — Holistic Health Expert

  • Advanced Dip Holistic Kinesiology



Elly has over 20 years experience and a wealth of knowledge in various health-focused techniques. Elly brings her considerable holistic health experience to teams, and businesses. As our worlds get busier and our to-do lists get longer, we often forget about the  most  important  thing  –  OURSELF  and  our  wellbeing.

Advanced Dip Holistic Kinesiology
Certified in Applied Kinesiology
Certified in NET (neuro-emotional technique)
Certified in The Lifeline Technique

• Stress Management:  We cannot solve a problem by only looking at the problem. Elly uses various techniques to help you identify and create what it is you do want. It is a powerful tool and can truly alter your perspective on life and aid in reducing stress.
• Nutritional  Support:   We  are  all  different.  We  all  have  different  nutritional requirements. How do we know what is right for us? What we do know is that our body never lies. Elly uses kinesiology and muscle testing to determine what yourbody needs and how you can support yourself nutritionally.
• Personal and Team goal setting: Where is it you or your team want to go? Do you know what your goals are? How do you achieve them? Elly brings a holistic approach to help you or your team visualise your desired outcomes. The technique draws out a connection between each individual in the team to bring forth a healthy co-creative experience.
• Mind-Body Connection: Science has now proven that we can use the power of our thoughts, emotions and feelings to improve our health and wellbeing. Elly offers group workshops, talks and one-on-one coaching.

Outside of work
Elly  has  a  passion  for  life  itself.  She  dances,  sings,  does  yoga,  paints  and  enjoys  her social networks.