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Photo of Krystyna Kidson

Krystyna Kidson — Senior Consultant, Human Functioning

  • M Psych (Clin) Hons
  • B Psych Hons
  • M Int Assoc Coaching

+61 403 978 244


With her background in clinical psychology and neuroscience, Krystyna is Endstate’s go-to for insight into the human condition and behavior, and the impact and management of various biopsychosocial-spiritual challenges on resilience, behavioural effectiveness, and productivity in the workplace.

Krystyna’s involvement in your project can help staff and management:
Master stress triggered by multiple sources (e.g. high workload, workplace politics and interpersonal conflict, health issues such as workplace injury, recurrent pain, diabetes or hypertension).
Reduce distress, errors, presenteeism, absenteeism and burnout triggered by the above.
Improve attention, concentration, focus, memory, and work-task performance.
Improve innovation potential, enhance uptake of other skills training, better utilize job control/ opportunities.
• Overall, improve resilience, social skills, wellbeing, life satisfaction and general life functioning